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We make every flight better: Our products and services enable safe and fun flights.


Our team is made up of 35 people including all of the company’s founders. Our entire leadership, sales, support, and development team are active pilots.


Our service team is active 11 hours a day on working days. Currently, over 40% of incoming messages are answered at the same hour, and over 90% on the same day.


We are an EASA-certified production (DE.21G.0173), maintenance (DE.145.0447), and ADOA organization. We hold several ETSO approvals, STC, and MCA for our products.


We have two locations, both in southwestern Germany. Together with our sister brand AIR STORE we run a showroom and demo our products in person.


We develop avionics systems for aircraft and ground applications in the fields of communications, air traffic control, and traffic detection. Our team develops all aspects of our products in-house. Our competencies range from mechanics, electronics, and radio frequency engineering to software for safety-critical systems.


Our market focus is on general aviation in Europe. However, we are active worldwide, also for commercial aviation and non-civil applications. In addition to standard products, we also develop special solutions. Our standard products are sold directly via the AIR Store to end customers, manufacturers, maintenance companies, and distributors.


Our company maintains two locations in southern Germany. We operate exclusively in Germany and are fully equity-financed. The entire value chain, from development to production to sales, takes place within the company. Thus, we are commercially and technologically independent.

Our Values at AIR Avionics

  • Responsibility

    With our products and services, we bear responsibility for the safety of pilots. In addition, everyone in the team is responsible for the company and thus also for securing the jobs of our team or colleagues. Everyone is always aware of this multifaceted responsibility.

  • Independence

    We are and act completely independent of third-party interests. This applies to all partnerships as well as with regard to the financing of the company.
    Our owner-managed company has all the essential technical, regulatory, and commercial core competencies. We constantly increase the knowledge within the company and make it usable in order to make us independent of individuals. The knowledge of individuals is democratized in a targeted manner through documentation and standardization.

  • Quality

    High demands on the quality of our products and processes as well as on our daily actions are our top priority. Development, production, and all quality assurance measures are always carried out under our own control and under the supervision of authorities and certifiers. We work to continuously improve and encourage regular feedback from all process participants.

  • Integrity

    We make sure that we meet the expectations of our customers and partners as well as the expectations of our team regarding ourselves and our performance. In doing so, we always act honestly and bindingly. We reject individual agreements and preferential treatment of individual customers, suppliers, employees, or partners. Our wage structure is fair.

  • Efficiency

    We act sustainably by using goods and resources economically and sparingly. We ensure that our working time and attention are used purposefully and efficiently.

  • Performance

    We stand for performance. Every day we give our best. We want to achieve results in order to advance our vision. To this end, we face comparison and measurement of our performance, both as a company and personally. We see this as a welcome assessment, with the goal of improvement. As a team, we give our all together to succeed in a tough competitive environment.

Our History

AIR Avionics is a brand of Garrecht Avionik GmbH, a German avionics company. On the right, you will find a brief history of our company.

1998 – Garrecht Ingenieur Gesellschaft has been founded by the two brothers Georg and Johannes Garrecht who have just graduated college.

April 1998 – The first product called “Volkslogger” hit the market. The Volkslogger was an affordable flight recorder, certified for gliding competitions. Ever since then, the Volkslogger was wildly popular with several thousand units sold worldwide.

2001 – Garrecht Avionik GmbH was founded on the mission to become a certified avionics manufacturer.

2005 – Garrecht Avionik received EASA / government approvals for certified avionics system production. The VT line of Mode-S Transponders was released. The very modern and compact design as well as their well known reliability made VT devices a popular choice for thousands of customers worldwide.

2007 – Independently from Garrecht, Butterfly Avionics GmbH has been founded by the two brothers Joachim and Tobias Fetzer as well as Marc Förderer during their time as college students. On a tradeshow event in late 2007 the founders of Butterfly and Garrecht met for the first time.

March 2008 – Butterfly Avionics introduced the “Butterfly Displays” to the market, the first graphical traffic display for FLARM devices. Butterfly Displays have been very popular, several thousand units have been sold ever since.

2008-2012 – Both companies have released popular new products to the market including the TRX traffic receiver series, iOS navigation apps, the AIR Glide series. In a first common research project, Garrecht and Butterfly have worked together successfully.

2013 – Butterfly and Garrecht have decided to operate under the new joint brand AIR Avionics. All sales and support activity has been transferred to Butterfly, common development of new products has started.

2017 – Both companies have merged into a single company under the Air Avionics brand. The leadership team now consists of all 5 initial founders who work in different roles overseeing all operations covering development, production, sales, finance, and service.

2019 – With the AIR Traffic product family in the field of traffic warning, AIR Avionics has won various prestigious awards and at the same time positioned itself among the market leaders in this segment. The new AIR Control Displays in the field of radio/transponder/altimeter for the first time allows the combination of all of these systems into a single instrument with a very small footprint in the panel.

2020/21 – AIR Avionics’ traffic detection technology is also used in the renewable energy sector via the newly founded company “Lanthan Safe Sky”. The AIR COM aircraft radio receives its long-awaited approval. The number of employees at AIR Avionics is growing steadily. The new location in Walldorf with a large showroom is occupied.


Service, Sales, and Software development

Wieslocher Str. 38

69190 Walldorf, Germany


Production and Hardware development

Alfred-Nobel-Straße 2d

55411 Bingen, Germany

Media Infos

We have compiled information for media, product pictures, brand ressources, and press releases on our media info site.


Our sister brand AIR STORE sells over 1.300 aviation related products including the complete AIR Avionics lineup.